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Blue Headed Racket Tail - Prioniturus Platenae - Vulnerable

The blue-headed racket-tail (Prioniturus platenae), also known as the Palawan racket-tail and locally as kinawihan,[2] is a parrot found in the western Philippines around Palawan. It inhabits humid lowland forest in small flocks. It is threatened by habitat destruction and limited trapping for the cage-bird trade.

Description: The blue-headed racket-tail is 27–28 cm long. The plumage is green with a bright, light blue head, blue underwings (except for green coverts) and, in the male, a bluish breast. The beak is bluish gray and iris is yellowish. The species utters a variety of raucuous sqawks with the occasional musical phrase.

Distribution and Habitat: The species is endemic to the islands of Palawan, Balabac Island, Dumaran Island, Linapacan, Culion, and Busuanga Island. Estimated population size is approximately 2,500-10,000 birds. This corresponds to about 1,500-7,000 mature individuals.

It inhabits lowland forest and adjacent cultivated areas, and occasionally scrubland and mangroves, at altitudes of up to at least 300 m.

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