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Green Racket Tail - Prioniturus Luconensis - Endangered

The green racket-tail (Prioniturus luconensis) is an endemic parrot of the Philippines where it is found on Luzon and Marinduque. This species was once common, but is rapidly declining and is currently classified as vulnerable due to lowland deforestation and capture for cage-bird trade.

Description: Males are entirely yellow-green, with paler underparts and head. The two central tail feathers are elongated with bare shafts and terminated with black rackets. Females are generally darker and less yellowish, while the bare tail shafts are shorter. Juveniles do not have rackets at the tail. Total length is about 29 centimeters.

Habitat: Green racket-tails can be found in the canopy of tropical Rainforests in elevations of up to 700 meters. They are often found in nearby maize fields where they feed the on maize kernels.

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