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Blue Crowned Conure - Thectocercus Acuticaudatus - Least Concern

The blue-crowned parakeet, blue-crowned conure, or sharp-tailed conure (Thectocercus acuticaudatus) is a small green Neotropical parrot with a blue head and pale beak native to large parts of South America, from eastern Colombia in the north to northern Argentina in the south. They inhabit savanna-like habitats, woodland and forest margins, but avoid dense humid forest such as the Amazon.

Blue-crowned parakeets are generally called blue-crowned conures in aviculture. They are social birds and are relatively good talkers compared to other conures. They have become quite popular as pets, with a reputation as one of the "easier" parrots to care for. However, they are also intelligent, high-energy birds that require a lot of attention and a cage with ample room and toys. They can also be quite loud at times. Consequently, they are more appropriate companions for serious bird enthusiasts rather than the casual bird keeper.

The most famous fictional blue-crowned conure is the title character in the 1998 movie Paulie, voiced by Jay Mohr. The movie used 14 birds to play the role of the talking parrot and caused a surge in the popularity of blue-crowned conures as pets.

A blue-crowned conure also played a prominent role in the documentary The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. The movie spends much of its time following Connor, a lonely blue-crown conure in a mixed flock of cherry-headed and mitred conures.

The image below shows the Blue Crowned Conure to be part of the genus Psittacara. They were recently moved into their own genus as reflected on this page.

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