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Macaw Hybrids - F3 - Third Generation

Third-generation, or F3 hybrids are created by breeding two hybrids. F3 hybrid macaws are typically infertile.

Below is a list of F3, or Third Generation Hybrid Macaws

Milicat Macaw = Miligold X Catalina
Rubyquin Macaw = Ruby X Harlequin
Quatro Macaw = Ruby X Miligold
Rubalina Macaw = Ruby X Catalina
Harlina Macaw = Catalina X Harlequin (sometimes called a Maui Sunrise Macaw)
Shamalina Macaw = Shamrock X Catalina
Camelina Macaw = Camelot X Catalina (sometimes called a Catablue Macaw)
Fiesta Macaw = Camelot X Harlequin

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