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Buffwing Macaw = Green Wing Macaw X Buffon's Macaw

Scientific Name: The Buffwing Macaw is a first generation hybrid, a cross between: Green-winged Macaw Ara chloroptera and Buffon's Macaw Ara ambigua.

Distribution: ThIs is a captive bred hybrid macaw. Hybrid macaws are rarely found in the wild.

Description: Buffwing Macaws are a very vibrantly colored hybrid. Both parents of the Buffwing Macaw contribute to the vivid colors of their offspring, though the father's have the dominant gene and this will influence their final appearance.

Most often the father is a Green-winged Macaw (male Greenwings are more common than females). Some of the characteristics when sired by a Green-winged macaw will be a large bird, with the head and beak shape more typical of the Greenwing.

With its other parent being a Buffon's Macaw, that mix gives it a lot of gorgeous green. This hybrid has a green body overall, with some reds on its forehead, along its cheeks and on its chest. It is sometimes said to resemble the coloration of a Red-headed or 'Cherry-headed' Amazon.

Buffwing's are a full size Macaw and can learn to talk with a general vocabulary of about 15 or more words and expressions.

Size - Weight: A full sized macaw, they can get over 2 lbs. Lengths up to 86 cm (34 inches)

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