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Harlegold Macaw = Blue & Gold X Harlequin

Hybrid macaws are bred for color, and the Harligold Macaw is a real beauty. This macaw is a second generation hybrid macaw. One of its parents, the Blue and Gold Macaw, is a species of naturally occurring macaws while the other, the Harlequin Macaw, is also a hybrid macaw. With the Harlequin Macaw (having a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Green-winged Macaw for parents) you have a macaw that is a real beauty and good natured. The Blue and Gold macaw is renowned not only for its beauty and sweet nature, but also its speaking ability. While the other parent, the strikingly handsome 'gentle giant' Green-winged Macaw, lends its beauty and a very gentle, amiable nature.

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