Matomo-Image-Tracker Psittaciformes - Calyptorhynchus - Black Cockatoos



A five species genus within the larger Cockatoo family. They are all mostly black in colour, and the taxa may be differentiated partly by size and partly by small areas of red, grey and yellow plumage especially in the tail feathers. It is the sole genus of the "dark cockatoo" subfamily Calyptorhynchinae.

They are no longer imported, and though they breed easily, they are uncommon in aviculture in the United States. A hand raised Red Tailed Cockatoo can sell for tens of thousands of dollars. While not great talkers, they can be quite affectionate. All cockatoos are known for having powerful beaks. Most species can crush a brazil nut with ease and tear apart a coconut within a few hours.

The Red Tailed Cockatoo in particular plays a part in Aboriginal culture with the hawk accompanying the dead to heaven.

The Yellow Tailed cockatoo is known to be destructive to pine and eucalyptus trees in their search for grubs. In turn, this weakens the already brittle eucalyptus trees causing unexpected limb falls.

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