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Red & Blue Lorikeet - Eos Histrio - Near Threatened

The red-and-blue lory (Eos histrio) is a small, strikingly-colored parrot endemic to Indonesia. The species inhabits a single island, Karakelang, in the Indonesian archipelago.

Description: The red-and-blue lory is roughly 12 inches (30 cm) in length, including the tail. The species is sexually monomorphic, i.e. sexes are visually alike.

The beak is short, sharply curved, and bright orange. The feathers nearest the cere (the area nearest the nostrils) are bright red. The crown of the head is intense purple. The back of the head is red, and the nape of the neck is intense violet. An indigo-violet stripe runs diagonally from the cere corner to the nape of the neck. The bird's plumage is mostly bright red. The rump and lower belly are a slightly deeper red. The breast has a broad band of deep blue. Extending the color from the nape, the bird's back is a deep violet purple. Wing and tail flight feathers - rectrices and remiges - are between red and red-violet. The wing covert feathers are black and red with black tips. The leg feathers are bluish-purple. The feet are medium gray, and the claws are black. The cere is very dark gray, and the irises of the eyes are dark brown.

The red-and-blue lory's voice consists of short, harsh chattering screeches. Their flight is said to be quick and straight.

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