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Seychelles parakeet, Psittacula wardi (Seychelles, W Indian Ocean, 1883)

Newton's parakeet, Psittacula exsul (Rodrigues, Mascarenes, c. 1875)

Mascarene grey parakeet, Psittacula bensoni (Mauritius, possible Réunion as Psittacula cf bensoni). Formerly described as Mauritius grey parrot, Lophopsittacus bensoni. Known from a 1602 sketch by Captain Willem van Westzanen and by subfossil bones described by David Thomas Holyoak in 1973. Might have survived to the mid-18th century.

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Mascarene Grey Parakeet
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Seychelles Parakeet
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Newton's Parakeet
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Reunion Parakeet - Subspecies of the Echo Parakeet

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