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Macaw Hybrids - F2 - Second Generation

Second-generation, or F2 hybrids are created by breeding a pure species with a hybrid.

Below is a list of F2, or second generation hybrid macaws

Ruby Gold Macaw = Blue & Gold X Ruby
Miami Macaw = Scarlet X Shamrock
Scarlequin Macaw = Scarlet X Harlequin (Also called a Tropicana)
Harlegold Macaw = Blue & Gold X Harlequin
Flame Macaw = Green Wing X Catalina
Camelot Macaw = Scarlet X Catalina
Cameo Macaw = Scarlet X Calico
Crimson Bellied Macaw = Verde X Red Fronted Macaw
Catablue Macaw = Blue & Gold X Catalina
Jubilee Macaw = Green Wing X Harlequin
Camilla Macaw = Green Wing X Miligold
Hyalina Macaw = Hyacinth X Catalina
Shammy Gold Macaw = Blue & Gold X Shamrock
Starlight Macaw = Scarlet X Miligold
Milatina Macaw = Catalina X Military

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