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Red Fronted Parrotlet - Touit Costaricensis - Vulnerable

The red-fronted parrotlet (Touit costaricensis) is a parrot in Central America in Costa Rica and Panama. It is 15 cm, green with a short tail, red forehead, lores, and under eye, red shoulders and leading edge of underwing, and the remaining underwing coverts yellow. Edges of tail also yellowish.

Usually found in wet cool forest from 500-1000m in wet season, up to 3000m in early dry season and occasionally seen down to sea level. Small flocks, mostly family groups under 6 birds.

The red-fronted parrotlet is, especially in older sources like ITIS, often included with the blue-fronted parrotlet (T. dilectissimus) under the name red-winged parrotlet. Most modern authors consider them two species however.

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