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A genus of parrots in the family Psittaculidae. Several former members, including the Australian king parrot, are now placed in the genus Alisterus.

It contains two species and five subspecies.

The jonquil parrot or olive-shouldered parrot (Aprosmictus jonquillaceus) is a species of parrot in the family Psittaculidae. It is found in forest, woodland and acacia savanna in East Timor and the Indonesian islands of Wetar, West Timor and Roti. It is fairly common, but potentially threatened by habitat loss. Both sexes resemble the female of the closely related red-winged parrot.

The red-winged parrot is typically about 30 to 33 cm (12–13 in) in length. Both sexes have bright red wings and a bright green body. The male birds have a black nape, lower blue back and rump with a yellow tip on their tail, an orange bill and grey feet. The female birds have a yellowish-green body and the wings have red and pink trimmings. Also distinguishing the females are dark irises and the lower back is a light blue colour. Juveniles have orange/yellow beaks and pale brown irises, and otherwise resemble females in colouration. Males develop adult plumage at about the age of two years and females at the age of about a year and a half.

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