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A genus of South American conures. Most are predominantly green, although a few are predominantly yellow or orange. They are social and commonly seen in groups in the wild. In Brazil, the popular name of several species usually is jandaia, sometimes written as jandaya in the scientific form.

Many species from this genus are popular pets, although being larger than the members of the genus Pyrrhura, they need a sizable aviary to thrive.

The classification of this genus has recently been resolved by splitting it in four genera, as the genus as previously defined was paraphyletic. The species of the Aratinga solstitialis complex, were retained in this genus, while other former Aratinga species were moved to Eupsittula (brownish-throated species), Psittacara (pale-beaked species) and Thectocercus (blue-crowned parakeet). Furthermore, the closely related nanday parakeet (A. nenday) and the dusky-headed parakeet (A. weddellii) are placed in this genus. The nanday parakeet was previously placed in its own genus based on the differences in coloration and elongated upper mandible, but this was not supported by genetic studies that showed a close relationship with the Aratinga solstitialis complex species.

In captivity, many species of this group will hybridize with others within the same group. A Sun Conure and a Jenday Conure will produce what is commonly known as a "Sunday Conure". A Sun Conure and a Nanday will produce a "Nansun Conure". Many of these species do not share the same range in the wild so these hybrids are only seen in captivity. There are examples of the Aratinga group creating hybrid offspring with the Pyrrhura group. These types of hybridizations are discouraged as the offspring tend to have physical deformities and metabolic issues leading to very short lives in addition to poor quality of life.

The extinct Carolina Parakeet is believed to be closely related to the Aratinga genus.

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