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A genus of cockatoos found from the Philippines and Wallacea east to the Solomon Islands and south to Australia. They have a primarily white plumage (in some species tinged pinkish or yellow), an expressive crest, and a black (subgenus Cacatua) or pale (subgenus Licmetis) bill.

Today several species from this genus are considered threatened due to a combination of habitat loss and capture for the wild bird trade, with the blue-eyed cockatoo, Moluccan cockatoo and umbrella cockatoo considered Vulnerable, and the red-vented cockatoo and yellow-crested cockatoo considered Critically Endangered.

This group is often divided into two sub groups. The true white cockatoos and the corellas.

Cockatoo's have a lifespan of 30 - 70 years. They are popular pets with the group of white cockatoos and the cockatiel being the most common. They also require a great deal of care and mental stimulation. A bored cockatoo will result to screaming for attention, and when stressed, they will pluck their feathers and self mutilate.

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