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Hahn's Macaw - Diopsittaca Nobilis - Least Concern

A genus of Macaws with one species. There is the nominate species, the Red Shouldered Macaw, and two subspecies. The Noble Macaw, and the Hahn's Macaw. The names are interchangeable.

The red-shouldered macaw, at 12 inches long and just under 6 oz in weight, is the smallest of all the macaws. Like all macaws, it has a long narrow tail and a large head. It has bright green feathers on the body, with dark or slate blue feathers on the head just above the beak. The wings and tail have feathers that are bright green above and olive-green below. The leading edges of the wings, especially on the underside, are red. (These red feathers appear at puberty.) Their eyes are orange, and the skin around the eyes is white without feathers, just as in the larger macaws. This bare patch of facial skin is smaller in proportion to the head than the one seen in most larger macaws. The Hahn's macaw and noble macaw can be distinguished by the Hahn's having a black upper mandible and the Noble having a lighter, horn-colored upper mandible. The image below shows a Noble Macaw, but is labeled as a Hahn's.

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