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Speckled Faced Pionus - Pionus Tumultuosus - Least Concern

The speckle-faced parrot (Pionus tumultuosus) is a South American species of parrot from the humid Andean forests from Colombia, through Ecuador and Peru, to Bolivia. It is sometimes split into two species, in which case the southern Pionus tumultuosus retains the common name speckle-faced parrot or is renamed plum-crowned parrot or plum-crowned pionus, while the northern Pionus seniloides is referred to as the white-capped parrot or white-headed pionus (leading to easy confusion with Pionus senilis). The two were originally described as separate species, are morphologically distinctive, and there is no evidence of intergradation, but this in itself is not remarkable, as their distributions are separated by a gap of approx. 150 km.

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